Welcome to QRbodies Open Tattoo. Here you can for the first time in history enter human body and change the meaning of the QR code tattoo. It's up to you, what will be the message encoded in human skin. In the Open Tattoo you can enter text, pictures, video, MP3 or URL links.

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The QRbody, who has the QR code on his left biceps is herrICH, body modification enthusiast and cyberpunk fan. Once you change the Open Tattoo, herrICH gets an e-mail on his smartphone, so he can immediately scan his Open Tattoo and see how you have changed it.

This project is realized in cooperation with tattoo & piercing studio HELL.cz.

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Ales changed ICH's QRbody on 04.09.2023 18:00:43
- QRbody change No. 248 -

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Refreshing your body once again...

Mascha changed ICH's Open Tattoo on 30.08.2023 13:26:23
- Open Tattoo change No. 247 -

Testuju na zítřejší podcast s Maschou a zdravím, Tě, Herrichu!Hell.cz

Khiria changed ICH's Open Tattoo on 20.03.2022 20:41:10
- Open Tattoo change No. 246 -

Maya changed ICH's Open Tattoo on 20.03.2022 13:47:00
- Open Tattoo change No. 245 -

Luke, I'm your father! 

Darth Wader changed ICH's Open Tattoo on 28.02.2022 19:50:44
- Open Tattoo change No. 244 -

dneska jsem uvařila ty nejlepší louisiana cajun fazole

Vanda changed ICH's Open Tattoo on 19.02.2022 23:42:16
- Open Tattoo change No. 243 -

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Inspired by the work of Saul Bass, Art Goodman, and Dave Nagata.

Hitchcock typeface by Matt Terich.

Inspired by Wordpres Theme: Vertigo by Matthew Buchanan.